Nature's Playground

Posted by Bianca Flint | the Wardrobe Green on 16th Nov 2021

Nature's Playground

Nature encourages an inquisitive mind, providing many opportunities to explore, be creative, problem solve and question the world around us. It is the ultimate playground for children.

When we think outdoor adventures, we often think bush walks, hiking, mountain bike riding and picturesque forest like scenes with a picnic basket in hand, and why not? But it’s also important to remember that outdoor adventures can be in your own background, or front yard, or on a patch of grass on the nature strip! 

Not only is being outdoors important for children’s development but it’s also important for our own health and wellbeing as adults. Fresh air and sunlight is essential for mood regulation and general happiness. 

Enjoying some fresh air on a daily basis has many benefits; aiding digestion, improving blood pressure and heart rate, and even helping to fight depression. 

Sunlight plays as an important role as well, improving sleep, maintaining strong bones, strengthening the immune system and reducing stress. 

With all that in mind, it’s hard to imagine not making the most of nature and the world around us, if we just step outside! 

We hope you get outside today, even if it’s cloudy and a little bit cold. We’ve put together a Nature Scavenger Hunt that you can do with your little ones, to help grow their love of Nature and enjoy the outdoors! 


- Something that grows on trees 

- Something shiny and smooth

- Something that crawls

- Something fallen 

- Something beautiful 

- Something rough or spiky 

- Something colourful 

- Something round 

- Something green 

- Something soft

Image credits 'Seeds of Tomorrow'.

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