Who is Hattie?

Hattie and the Wolf is Ballarat's 'go-to' destination for lovers of eco friendly, Australian made, and locally handmade items. 

Located at 202 South Street, Ballarat, in a gorgeous, light filled 1890's building, Hattie and the Wolf stock a delightful selection of ethically made giftware, clothing and accessories sourced from Australia and abroad. 

Our Earth friendly ethos means that many of our products are eco friendly, social enterprises and or ethically made.The businesses that we work with are transparent with their supply chains and are paying fair wages as well as supplying education in some cases. 
Our love for handmade and supporting the maker sees us working with many local artists and handmakers too, we love supporting them and seeing their businesses grow. 

We are brave, bold and fearless.. 
‚ÄčAndrea x


About Andrea

Hattie and the Wolf founder and Graphic Designer Andrea Hurley has over 20 years experience in the field of retail. She maintains a strong belief that the customer is number one and strives to make shopping in her store a happy and stress free experience. Andrea has a keen eye for unique, quirky design and strives to bring her customer only quality products sourced mostly from independent designers and makers. Andrea is also the creative soul behind handmade business, Bird & Blossom


Who is Hattie?

Hattie and the Wolf was born out of a desire to showcase unique, handmade and thoughtfully created items in a curated space. 

Many people ask us, ‘what does Hattie and the Wolf mean?’

In short the icon for my store name 'Hattie and the Wolf' symbolises the courage it took for me to take that leap of faith into a bricks and mortar store, I knew I had to 'be fearless', much like Hattie conquering that big bad wolf!

But let me tell you about the essence of the shop and why it came to be...

I spent many years in the market scene, surrounded by makers and artisans with incredible talent and a captivating creative spirit. I soon realised that I needed to create a space that celebrated the maker, a space that captured the very essence of that creativity for all to see. 

After years of daydreaming, my vision came to life and before I knew it, Hattie and the Wolf had turned two! I’m proud to say that we have housed the work of many amazing artists and makers in this time, some of those local to Ballarat and others further abroad. Regardless of where they have come from, each were carefully hand selected to meet our stores values and ethos.

Sustainability is something I am passionate about. It’s important for me to know where the products that I stock have come from, and by whom they were made. Through my carefully considered range, I aim to encourage my customers to shop consciously and know the story behind the item they are purchasing.

Utilising the space upstairs as a Preloved Clothing Boutique followed quite naturally. A chance meeting with Sustainable Fashion Advocate Bianca Flint and her business The Wardrobe Green has developed into a passionate collaboration. The space we call ‘Hattie’s Wardrobe Green’ has developed into a partnership we can both be very proud of. We buy and sell high end women’s clothing and accessories, and have just recently developed our own range of upcycled clothing called ‘UPCYCLED’. Bianca and I are both passionate about circular fashion and are pleased to have established a place where women can ‘trade in’ their beautiful, well cared for clothes.

Hattie and the Wolf is now Ballarat's go-to destination for lovers of eco friendly, Australian made, and locally handmade items. The minute you walk through the door you can see that everything inside has a story to tell. It’s a space I am proud to call my own and it’s true what they say ‘ do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life’.

Find us at 202 South Street, Ballarat | www.hattieandthewolf.com.au