How To Wear Colour and Pattern Like a Pro!

Posted by Bianca Flint on 28th Jun 2023

How To Wear Colour and Pattern Like a Pro!

There's so much to love about pattern and colour...

As much as I love a ‘Little Black Dress’ and the fact that mine has saved me personally from many a wardrobe crisis! I am also in love with bold colours and pretty patterns! There’s just something about colour that makes me smile!

Bird and blossom fashion

"There’s just something about colour that makes me smile!"

If you are someone who has always worn neutral tones, and love a good monochrome outfit, then no doubt the thought of donning a leopard print tee with a pair of jeans is scary! Let alone adding a little colour, or dare I say it, throwing another print into the mix! Don’t panic, I’m not suggesting you do. If you are new to wearing colour and pattern, I would suggest you take baby steps!

If you love the look of colour and pattern on other people, but can’t seem to make it work for you, you are not alone! Many women are terrified to move away from the safe haven of their much loved Black, Navy, Grey, and a little more Black. The first thing I want to assure you is that YOU CAN wear pattern and colour, and the reason you don’t think it looks good on you, has nothing to do with how it actually looks! It’s all in your head, and it’s your confidence that needs some help, not your skin tone, hair colour or body!

 "I want to assure you that YOU CAN wear pattern and colour"

Let’s look at some ways to help bring some more colour and pattern into your style ~

• Get Inspired

Use social media for good, find other women who are enjoying colour and pattern and follow their style journey! Look for ideas and inspiration to encourage you to introduce more colour into your everyday style! Search Hashtags like #colourandpattern #colourfulstyle #printclash. Create a Pinterest or Mood Board, to help keep you motivated to try new things!

• Accessorise

Accessories are a great way to add colour and pattern to an outfit, and can be an affordable way to experiment with different sorts of patterns and colours. Think Scarves, Earrings, Necklaces, Handbags and Hats. Now more than ever, there are many amazing handmade businesses that specialise in unique colourways and patterns, so finding something you love shouldn’t be too hard!

Taratata Basilic Necklace

• Be Glorious

Once you are ready to add some colour and pattern into your clothing rotation, use this one simple tip to help you get dressed each morning. The trick is to only have one GLORY piece per outfit; the Glory piece being the garment that demands most attention. For example; A simple black dress paired with a GLORIOUS colourful Kimono. A pair of your favourite jeans paired with a GLORIOUS colourful top. A white shirt paired with a GLORIOUS patterned skirt. You get the idea. Having only one GLORY piece will ensure your look is always well balanced, whilst building your confidence in putting colours and patterns together.

• Wear It!

This is probably the simplest, yet most challenging tip of them all. Just WEAR it!! You’ve heard it before, we are our own worst critic. And trust me, no one is thinking about us and how we look, as much as we think they are! So, if you want to wear something new, something a little different than usual, do it. Just put it on and wear it. Don’t overthink it, tell yourself that you are confident in what you are wearing, regardless of what others may think or say. Fake it, until you make it, if you have to!

Birdy Tee by Bird & Blossom Design, Ballarat

So, why add colour and pattern into your everyday style? Well, you don’t have to … however, studies have shown that the colours we wear, can directly affect our mood, and the mood of those around us! In a nutshell; those who dress more colourfully in life, have greater daily happiness! And who doesn’t want that!?