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Our Ethics

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At Hattie and the Wolf, we are definitely fans of 'slow fashion'.  We believe that the people growing our food and fibre, designing and making our fashions, and creating the designs that inspire our lives, should all be paid a living wage for their efforts. 

We also believe that our business should do no harm to our natural environment. The growing, making, packaging, transport and display of all our products have an impact on people and on our planet. We are committed to reducing our footprint - but we are very much a work in progress. We recycle our waste whenever we can, we buy renewable energy for our shop and we purchase offsets (tree planting) for the carbon emissions we can't avoid from 15 Trees. And then of course, there's the Wardrobe Green Shop, our collaboration to give new life to high quality pre-loved fashions. But we are far from perfect - we have a long way to go and we will continue to look for ways to reduce the environmental footprint of our business.  

We support local makers of handmade clothing, art and crafts. We stock locally grown fresh flowers and tea blends from emerging enterprises. And if we don't know the people who have made our products, we work hard to find suppliers who share our commitment to ethical and sustainable business.  

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